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The Duart difference: a holistic, client-centred approach..

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Duart consultants enable clients to take control of each aspect of the admissions process

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Universities, like persons, each have a character that is unique

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Your degree, as well as your career, can be a life-fulfilling choice

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Mastering the art of academic writing is absolutely key to success at every degree level

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Be equipped with the resources needed to succeed...

Our Services


College / University Applications

Before you even think about which university, apprenticeship, vocational training or any of the other options out there may be right, it’s important – nay, crucial – that you have an idea of where you want to end up. You wouldn’t set off on a train without any idea of where it was headed, but all the time people are doing the equivalent with the choices they make.

We offer a variety of packages, ranging from a quick, informative review of your personal statement/admissions essay, a series of sessions over a period of months or years covering every aspect of your pathways planning, to a one-off, impartial conversation to specify your options and give you a nudge in the right direction. If you’re not sure which is right for you, give us a call and we’ll explain the options in more detail. We can tailor a package which secures the hours you can afford, and we’ll ensure those hours are spent focusing on the most important issues.

Basically, we’ll sit with you for as long or as short a time as necessary to help define what you want to do with your life and how to give you the best chance of getting there.

If you are lucky enough to know what you want to do then the same issues apply. To follow the rail metaphor, even if you know the end destination, what if you get on a stopping train or there’s a bus replacement service or you have to change at Crewe? There’s probably a more direct route to where you want to go and if there isn’t, there’s still a way of making the journey more comfortable and productive.

So, putting aside the rail thing now, we can help no matter what your circumstances are, for as long as you need us, just so long as we wave you off fully comfortable with where you’re headed.


Group Seminars / 1:1 Advising & Tutorials

What we’ve found is that both the higher education and careers landscapes are changing quite rapidly, and look set to continue to do so. Gone are the days when students prepare to enter a single career path, matched to a small group of specific degree subjects. With the costs of university degrees only set to rise, the prevalent view that university is the default option needs to be rejected, and vocational and apprentice-based routes to both employment and qualifications – including employer-sponsored degrees – have never been so important.

Given this complexity, at Duart we want to work with you to enhance the career and university placement services your school has in place already. What we can bring is a wide-ranging knowledge of particular industry and career sector employment trends – including the vocational options – as well as a more international perspective on university entry. Given the prestige UK universities have traditionally enjoyed, it does not occur to many people that it may actually be cheaper, and just as productive and worthwhile, to study abroad. Whether that’s in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the EU, our consultants have both an in-depth understanding of each of these university systems, and, crucially, know how to access the scholarship resources which can make it possible for many of your students.

We have been working with schools up and down the country delivering a wide variety of seminars, 1:1 mentoring sessions, parents evening addresses and assemblies. You have the option of either single-session delivery or multi-session packages, each one tailored to enhance the services which the school offers at present.

There is no minimum buy in, and you don’t have to buy a whole course. Regardless of your worries, it may not be as costly as you’d imagine: packages start from £250 per half day, giving you two presenters, covering both academic and careers options, and a range of specialisms in between. We’d love to arrange a time to talk with you to see how we can complement what you’re already doing.


College / University

Being smart or talented is no longer enough to ensure you can get into the university of your choice. As Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a-changing,” and so too is the way in which students are admitted to the best universities. Knowing how to sell yourself – both in person and, crucially, with your admissions essay/personal statement – is paramount to success, and it’s not easy to get it right. There is, after all, a lot of outdated and plain wrong advice out there.

Duart’s consultants have spent years working within the system and helping other students tailor their applications, to craft unique and personal offerings that will make admissions committees sit up and pay attention. There’s no magic bullet, but at the very least they need to be convinced, oftentimes without even meeting you, that you have the experience, skills, interests, ability and motivation to not just complete the degree, but also enhance the quality of any incoming class. That’s not an easy trick to pull off, and you really do need an experienced and sympathetic eye to help you do it.

At Duart we offer a range of packages suitable for every budget, and which matches any and every level of need. If you want an independent, critical eye to take a look at your application and tweak it, or make more extensive suggestions for tried and tested strategies for improvement, we can do that as a very affordable one off ( Just £39.99 at the moment!) . If you need more help – of whatever nature – then that’s fine with us too.

No matter what you need or how long you need it for, we can help. Why not get in touch to explore what we can offer you?


The Right University Is Crucial To Your Success

“Thank God, I’m a country boy!” That’s what John Denver sang, but if you find yourself in central London then maybe you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere…

Around application time many folks will be saying, “I hope x uni/college lets me in,” without necessarily thinking about whether you’d really want to go there. It’s a two way deal, and universities are businesses like any other, making great claims about what they can offer. Understanding where to study is as important as understanding what to study: some people thrive in a city, others find it overwhelming. Maybe you’re a campus-based sort who wants to throw themselves into university life without exploring your surroundings, or maybe a smaller town is your kind of thing. Most likely, though, you’re just not sure, and need to consider your options carefully.

If you get into the greatest university you could hope to, on the best possible course – that’s great, but, if you are miserable in your surroundings, never really settling, then those 3 or 4 years are going to be pretty awful. The chances are you may end up transferring, dropping out, or just not trying as hard as you might have done ’cause you’re travelling home every weekend.

For many of us, going to university is the first time you’ll have lived away from home, and that’s a big deal. At Duart we can carefully help you understand who you are, what you want from your experience, and all kinds of other nuanced bits of info you’re sitting on to help produce a target list that’ll tick all of your boxes.

With very affordable options available, we can sit with you and discuss your hopes and fears for university and work out which is the best course and environment to help make the experience as rounded and happy as possible.


Get The Career You Want

As we’re fond of saying at Duart, there’s no one right way but there are lots of wrong ways. Planning your future and all the steps along the way isn’t straightforward. It’s hard to know where to start and if what you’re doing is right. You need, and should expect, the best possible advice about your future, but unfortunately psychometric testing (box ticking questionnaires) and advice from someone who has no experience of working in industry, or with employers, or with writing CVs, is all too often what school  and university students get.

Planning your career should start with a passion, but it also needs a dose of practicality – and that’s where  we come in. If you’re going to spend 240 days a year doing the same thing, at least make it something you care about. At your age, why not dream big? Whatever it is you want to do, or whatever it is you don’t yet know, we can offer you real-world, practical advice, based on honest-to-goodness experience, that can help you carve out your path. From building your professional network, accessing meaningful work experience, or even something seemingly as simple as getting the right letters of recommendation, we will sit with you to plan what you need to be doing to get that dream job.

Why not get in touch to have an informal chat and see if we can help?



Academic Writing & Editing Specialists: University & School Level

Academic writing is a form of writing that the vast majority of students, no matter how intelligent, find difficult to master. Despite the academic essay being an opportunity to develop your own, original ideas in support of an overall thesis, many students revert back to the kind of writing they had drilled into them at school; that is, producing an essay with insubstantial paragraphs, an ineffective or entirely lacking use of evidence/citation, and featuring arguments stated in a scripted way.

At Duart, we have consultants who have not only mastered the art of academic writing – from topic papers and essays, to doctoral theses and academic journal articles – but who have taught it at the highest level in the Ivy League. Our consultants have the patience and expertise to teach you the most effective approaches to every facet of academic writing, including (but not limited to): essay planning and information gathering, argument construction, use of evidence, citation rules and formats, draft writing and editing.

Most important of all, however: our consultants understand that, regardless of any requirement for the more formal style of academic writing, each essay is an expression of your thinking, and your insight. So, although we tutor you to feel at ease with the conventions of the academic format, what we won’t do is allow those conventions to extinguish the individuality of your authorial ‘voice.’ We will, instead, encourage the development of the voice and style best suited to showcasing the originality of your thinking, and in full accord with the particular requirements of your academic task.

The choice of career, whether it includes graduate school, apprenticeships or internships, is a crucial moment in each student’s life. Duart consultants have the experience and expertise to empower you to not just make the right choice for you, but to ensure that the benefits of that choice last a lifetime.
Universities, like people, each have a character that is unique. At Duart, we enable our clients to choose which degree and which institution will best suit the person they want to be.
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