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The Duart difference: a holistic, client-centred approach..

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Duart consultants enable clients to take control of each aspect of the admissions process

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Universities, like persons, each have a character that is unique

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Your degree, as well as your career, can be a life-fulfilling choice

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Mastering the art of academic writing is absolutely key to success at every degree level

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Be equipped with the resources needed to succeed...

Why Choose Duart?
The short answer is: we know our stuff. We could give you lots of details and testimonials (they’re on a separate page), but fundamentally we care about what we do, and we’re pretty good at it, too.


Director & Consultant

BA (Hons) (Durham), MA (with Distinction) (Warwick), MPhil PhD (Columbia)

Rory has studied and taught at some of the best universities in the world, and there’s not a lot he doesn’t know about the way these things work or what’s expected of you once you’re in. He’s been a lecturer, teacher and advisor, taught the oldest, most prestigious core curriculum in the Ivy League, and worked with pre-college students from China. He was nominated by his students at Columbia for outstanding teaching and has worked as a Higher Education Consultant for Noodle Education Inc. in New York.

Rory qualified as an English teacher at the University of Bristol, and taught at an elite private school and high-achieving sixth form college in the UK, mentoring students throughout the UCAS process. He has a CELTA (teaching English as a second language) qualification from the University of Cambridge, which is helpful for people looking to study in the US or UK coming from overseas. Oh, and he’s also got a certificate saying he’s pretty good at understanding the Fundamentals of College Counseling, from Rice University.



Co-Director & Careers/Recruitment Consultant

Edward Williams, BA (Hons)

Edd has figured out a lot of this stuff through bitter experience. He’s worked in lots of different sectors and done lots of different jobs in lots of different places, including University College London, the BBC and London Ambulance so he gets that sometimes life doesn’t give you all the answers straight away. But, he has spent the last 13 years working in recruitment, helping people figure out what to do with their careers and how to achieve their goals.

Unlike a lot of people working as careers advisors, Edd has actually worked not just in industry but with the employers themselves ,and knows (not guesses) what they are really looking for when making hiring decisions. On a slow day in the office he worked out he must’ve looked at close to 100,000 CVs, so when he tells you what could do with being tweaked it comes from a place of having looked at a lot of them. If you’re trying to figure out what your pathway looks like, what career could be suitable for you, and getting the inside track on how to get it, he’s a pretty solid bet.



BA MA (Scranton), MPhil (Columbia) PhD Candidate, Columbia University

Tim is a College Counsellor for the Pre-College Program at Teachers College, Columbia, basically a program aimed at High School Students from China to get them ready for the demands of studying in the Ivy League. He’s also an Education Co-ordinator for the Department of Arts & Humanities at TC.

He does a bunch of work with a non-profit in New York promoting philosophy and critical thinking to high school students (he also helped start it) and is generally a very capable and useful guy to have in your corner when it comes to figuring out what to do and where to do it.

Before coming to TC, Tim was a Teacher & Administrator for a small independent school in East Harlem, NY


Writing & Editing Consultant

BA (Oregon), MA (McGill), MPhil PhD (Columbia)

It’s all about the personal statement. Well maybe not quite, but it’s certainly worth getting right and Mike could be just the man to help you. He worked for five years as a Graduate Writing Consultant at Columbia, editing dissertations, academic articles, grant proposals and most importantly for you, job and graduate school applications.

He’s worked as a mentor to high achieving students from all over the world looking to get into the Ivy League and top-tier liberal arts colleges, and has worked with students from Columbia, Barnard, McGill University and Johns Hopkins.



BA (Hons) (Ulster), MA PhD PGCE (Bristol), MA (London)

It’s not all about the USA. Andy has 14 years experience teaching students from all over the world, working in UK universities and secondary schools. He’s done loads of work with international students, including a stint at the University of Southampton as a Tutor of English for Academic Purposes, and as the Project Centre Manager of a London EFL school.

Andy’s currently working as a research fellow in the Department of Philosophy at Bristol but has an eclectic skill set and wide ranging interests – specifically in technology and the sciences (he got his PhD in the Philosophy of Science back in 2014).

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